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How can Facilities Managers make the most of Big Data?

According to the 2016 Workplace Trends report by Sodexo, Big Data has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of FM services. However, the report warns that in order to use data effectively, FM professionals need to get better at establishing and implementing their KPIs.

We are launching our Balloon

Our annual staff meeting took place yesterday and as well as announcing to staff the company vision for the next five years, we also showed the direction of some of our messages to the market and associated imagery.

Benefits of using FM software for planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

One of my customers recently asked me to sum up the main benefits of using facilities management software for planned preventative maintenance (PPM). Here are just some of the key reasons I gave them as to how FM software can improve PPM.

5 things keeping property managers awake at night

Are you a residential property manager struggling to wake up this morning? According to a recent survey by Brethertons LLP Solicitors in the UK, the following five concerns could be contributing towards your lack of shut-eye:

What facilities management KPIs should you monitor?

Measuring performance against KPIs is a key part of any management-focused software system. How can you expect to make significant gains if you don’t know where and how you can make improvements? This level of insight is critical to driving your business forward in the way you want to. When it comes to facilities management, […]

How cloud-delivered real estate software can offer you considerable benefits

Adoption of modern cloud-delivered real estate software solutions offer you lower operating costs, improved service levels and greater levels of decision making. Real estate investors, occupiers and managing agents sometimes discover that their existing real estate software supplier fails to satisfy their needs in the post-recession, networked, collaborative and social media centric world that we […]

Do you need to learn how to turn OFF?

Take steps towards a Digital Detox You may not realize how attached you’ve become to your smart device. While reading this article, are you aching for a ‘quick fix’ to read email, check social media updates, or look for breaking news from today’s headlines? If the answer is yes, your need for rapid response now […]

Aligning work and life

Finding a work life balance in a technical world means taking steps towards a digital detox. If you ache for that ‘quick fix’ to read email, check social media updates, or surf for breaking news, your need for rapid response has a real and calculable impact. Rapid access to information takes the smallest windows of […]

Why are so many people concerned with space utilization?

A few weeks back I found myself discussing space management challenges with Realcomm, San Antonio attendees. Strikingly, I recall it was the Qube Space software screen – specifically a CAD drawing with heat map that clearly illustrates space utilization – that most caught the attention of attendees. At a glance, they could see where office […]

Crossing the digital divide: finding balance in a technical world

Being an active participant in trade shows, exhibitions and networking events, I often spend more time connected to technology than connecting with real people.  To explain, how do we preserve the vital role of human conversation in a technical world? I found an ally in my struggles to maintain balance.  Joined by co-author Ken Hagaman […]