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John Cuppello

CEO, Qube Global Software

John Cuppello has been CEO of Qube Global Software since its formation in October 2007. Previously, John was Managing Director of Estate Computer Systems and of Fraser Williams Commercial Systems, two of the three…

Alastair Clunas

Alastair Clunas

Project Delivery Director, Qube Global Software

Alastair Clunas has been working at Qube Global Software since 2002, to increase the benefits our customers receive through both software and services. As Operations Director for the property management solution, he is currently…

neil harrison

Neil Harrison


Neil Harrison, Product Director at Qube Global Software, has been with the company since 1987 when he joined the Graduate Training Program. Over this time Neil has been involved in a complete range of…

ben lerner

Ben Lerner

Strategic Planning Director

Ben Lerner is Director of Strategic Planning at Qube Global Software. Since joining the company in 2003, Ben has gained exposure and experience in all areas of Qube Global Software and now serves as…