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Trusted for Facilities Management Software

Trusted for Facilities Management Software

We have been implementing and supporting our facilities management software worldwide for almost 40 years. During this period we have built one of the largest user networks which trust our solutions to deliver greater efficiencies in their use and management of assets.

Our customers range from specialist local service providers to global corporate businesses across a wide variety of sectors including government, education, healthcare, banking, financial services, leisure and travel. Our customers include both in-house facilities teams and specialist outsourced FM contractors, while the operations managed using our software range from single campus facilities to comprehensive networks of global sites.

Our FM applications can be deployed in a range of ways depending on your specific circumstances. For example, they are often used both as part of an Integrated Workplace Management Solution covering the full real estate lifecycle or as a standalone CAFM solution.

Qube Planet, our most well-known facilities management brand, is a powerful CAFM product that is used in over 250 varying businesses. Its functionality across both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ services is unrivalled due to the depth of our user base and the ongoing product development we undertake to support these customers. The solution is highly regarded in healthcare, public, commerce and contracting sectors as it has a proven track record of delivering a fast return on investment.

While we have a core and specialist CAFM offering, our property management-focused products have integrated FM modules allowing businesses to use this capability as part of their broader real estate management activities.

Delivering our products on the latest and established technologies is an integral part of our development ethos. In keeping with this objective, our applications support mobile and remote working.

In terms of how our software is delivered, we can adapt to your specific requirements. Our systems can either be delivered on premise or via our popular and highly secure cloud hosting arrangements as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

All our applications and portals deliver one view of all FM data and operations to enhance both the user-experience and the overall effectiveness of our software. Supporting better decision making is at the heart of what we do – we therefore focus extensively on our integrated business intelligence functionality, which is presented through easy-to-understand dashboards and KPI reporting tools.

Whatever your requirements, our FM software solutions will be able to provide a single, all-encompassing view of the facilities information under your control.

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