Report Builder Training Course - Basic | 30th January 2013

This course will cover the basic principles of report writing; Database Principles, Planning on Paper, Creating a Basic Report, Formatting a Report, Presenting your Report Builder and Beginning to Use Calculators.



The Basic Course will cover:


Data base Principles

    1. Tables
    2. Field Naming Conventions
    3. Finding Tables names through Planet


Planning on Paper

    1. Define the information you want to show in a report


Creating a basic Report

    1. Connecting to the Database
    2. Adding a table(using the Query wizard)
    3. Banded Reports (page header & footer etc)
    4. Adding fields
    5. Previewing a report
    6. Changing report fields


Formatting a report

    1. Sorting your report
    2. Grouping your report
    3. Restricting data in your report (using the “search” button)
    4. Report Filters (Auto search)
    5. Running a report via Planet Enterprise
    6. Displaying data formats e.g. Dates, Currency etc


Presenting your Report Builder

    1. System variables (adding page numbers and Date /Times)
    2. Aligning fields
    3. Adding drawings, shapes and lines.
    4. Logos & pictures

Beginning to use Calculations

    1. Using the count function within Planet Report Builder


The Basic Course is suitable for those with a basic understanding of databases.
**Price £250 Per Person** 

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