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National Trust property management case study

National Trust property management case study

The UK’s largest conservation charity was in the market for a flexible solution to manage its unique portfolio of lands. National Trust holds nearly 618,000 acres of countryside, 700 miles of coastline, 300 historic homes and gardens, and 49 owned and managed industrial monuments, not to mention over 2,800 listed buildings and 320 holiday cottages.

As part of an ongoing conservation program, along with a strategic review of IT provisions, National Trust needed a system that would allow the various business units within the organization to adopt common policies relating to property management. They needed to obtain information relevant to them, regardless of location. The selected system would also need to provide National Trust with a complete overview of its portfolio and associated facilities to produce comprehensive and understandable reporting.

A key requirement for National Trust was to permit access to their portfolio from a spatial perspective, using the latest technical innovations. The integration of Qube Global Software’s product with a spatial database and other spatial systems would allow for ‘smart searches’ to be performed. For example, if management was inquiring as to how many properties are within a 50 mile radius of Bristol, they could collect that information from the system.

“The main challenge was to find a system that could be adapted to meet National Trust’s unique requirements” commented a Conservation Information Program Manager working at National Trust. “We needed a supplier who not only had the property and financial expertise required for this project, but one that was willing to work with us to achieve our goals.”

“We needed a supplier who not only had the property and financial expertise required for this project, but one that was willing to work with us to achieve our goals.” Conservation Information Program Manager, National Trust

National Trust uses Qube Global Software’s technology primarily to document its ownerships in detail. It is also used to manage tenancies more effectively and introduce greater efficiencies to the way in which land and property can be used and managed.

The system will complement National Trust’s overall business strategy by giving improved accessibility, reliability and performance, as well as increased income and cost control.

The implementation of this technology platform has assisted National Trust in improving financial management of leased properties; they now provide better services to their tenants, and improved management information that makes property related processes more efficient. All these processes free up staff to concentrate on core business requirements.

“We continue to upgrade and design current versions of our products for companies similar to National Trust. These business models need a single gateway to effective property information, and easier methods for the sharing of business critical data,” said Qube Global Software Director Jane Addey. “These types of partnerships demonstrate continued need for flexibility in our systems, and we look forward to a successful working relationship with National Trust as we ensure our support to exceed their business objectives.”

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