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CoreNet Phoenix allows Qube Global Software to ‘share the XO’

In addition to its community service efforts, Qube Global Software has become financially involved with the non profit organization One Laptop per Child. At the Fall conference, rather than spend money on promotional items, Qube reflected on the needs of others, and chose to ‘pay it forward’ ie in exchange for responses to an industry specific survey, Qube donated nearly $1600 for the purchase of 8 XO laptops through its efforts at gathering relevant information from industry experts.

About Qube Global Software

Qube Global Software provides a comprehensive portfolio of Real Estate and Facilities Management software applications. Our 25+ year history of expertise in delivering successful solutions 100% of the time to more than 1000 customers in 52 countries is unrivalled. Our innovative software solutions improve our customer’s efficiency levels, decision making capabilities, and financial performance for every type of real estate portfolio.

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