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Discovering opportunity at NRTA’s National Conference | Oct. 18, 2012

As first time exhibitors at the NRTA’s National Conference (National Retail Tenant Association), Qube Global Software team members were impressed by both the conference format and the networking opportunities presented to them.

NRTA is a non-profit trade association focusing on the education of commercial tenants in the Lease Administration and Occupancy Cost Control arenas.  More than 70 sessions were held, covering such diverse topics as office and lease administration, personal development, occupancy control, and legal aspects of retailing that effect the industry.  Additionally, group discussions focusing on technology and office global issues were key elements of the conference.

An array of prestigious retail companies were represented, many inquiring about the advanced real estate functionality of our software.  “A highlight of the event included detailed discussions we shared on the ways our software can assist retail executives to better manage their leases, more effectively and efficiently,” stated Simon Dibble, Vice President of Operations for Qube Global Software.  “We appreciated the opportunity to particpate in NRTA, and look foward to next year’s program.”

In addition to the Annual Conference, NRTA members have access to information webinars, professional newsletters and how to articles, and a number of networking and educational events throughout the year.

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Britany Wright
Posted by Britany Wright