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Maximizing Benefits of a Software Investment | August 3, 2011

At Qube Global Software, we recognize your concerns about the ability of performance software to maximize profits while keeping a close rein on expenditures. Our philosophy to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions enables them to exceed business requirements. Our software has a proven track record of delivering strategic business benefits to investors, corporate real estate departments and managing agents.

The Qube Global Software implementation solution is about support. We strive to ensure that your organization receives the highest quality of service to achieve real benefits.

This philosophy, directly aligned with a commitment to deliver exceptional results, serves as the basis for building long-term relationships.  You should trust your technology provider in terms of knowledge, experience and approach.

Qube Global Software’s professionalism requires that we work WITH you in identifying specific needs, to outline anticipated benefits, and keep everyone informed at all stages of implementation.  We incorporate proven methodologies and adopt the best practices and rigorous standards, with an emphasis on accuracy and attention to detail.

Consultancy and training are key focal points in the business process, featuring a relevant and complete approach to the configuration of the software solution.  Consultancy services are delivered according to your requirements. It ensures that our partners relate to the complete implementation in a way that is relevant to them, with a dedicated Senior Consultant as a guide. Our experts are highly qualified, boasting years of knowledge and experience in delivery solutions. Additional consultants will be included as needed to cover required key methodologies.

During implementation, Qube Global Software delivers a customer configured version of the software program and key customer specific documentations.  This is based on the information gleaned during the sales process, and reflects the final scope in terms of modules purchased and additional information gathered immediately post-signature.

Full and half day business workshops will be delivered during implementation led by your Senior Consultant and designated customer staff expert.  Together, you review and agree on the most suitable design and configuration to maximize benefits and implement a standard configuration.

Qube Global Software will deliver two customer specific documents.  The Solution Definition is the key project document that details the design and configuration of software.  This is developed through the life cycle of the project, and continually updated for customer confirmation at key stages throughout the project, as well as through post project workshops. Once the system is live, the Solution Definition becomes the baseline reference document.

The second deliverable document is the Business Process Definition. This summary details the main business procedures that the customer will carry out in support of their business (workflow, company, organization), including flow of information, levels of responsibility, and full details of customer specific processes.  The Business Process Definition is the reference document used both during the project and as a key document after its go-live to ensure maximum customer benefits.

At Qube Global Software, we are flexible, adaptable and approachable: our experience and professionalism will be at your disposal at all times.  Every team member understands and accepts the challenge to not only meet, but to exceed your needs and expectations.  From inception to implementation and beyond, our experts remain by your side every step of the way.

Contact: Jane Addey, Operations Director

Qube Global Software,

1.888.ASK.QUBE (275.7823), 610.431.9080

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