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New customer testimonials now live | January 30, 2013

At the Qube Global Software Customer Conference in October 2012, customer representatives from across the range of Qube Global Software products, spoke genuinely about how their company benefits from the particular solution being used by their real estate teams.

Intermixed with a full day of training sessions and networking activities, film crew specialists worked alongside key team members to interview a number of Qube Global Software users.  Prestigious customers included: Ben Cooney of Capital Shopping Centers; David Spratt  of The Crown Estates; Liam Furr of PMS Leasehold Management; Suzanne Wicks of Hera Management Services; Chris Hinton of the University of Cambridge; and Nik Bygate of the National Health System Foundation Trust.

What our customers have to say:

Ben Cooney of Capital Shopping Centers (CSC) focused on the benefits of the Horizon product and what it brings to the bottom line of shopping center owner/operators across the 15 (fifteen) retail parks portfolio; a total of more than 16 (sixteen) million square feet of retail lease and catering space makes up the managed space.

David Spratt, Senior Business Analyst for The Crown Estate, has been a business partner with Qube Global Software for over 20 years.  He proudly spoke of the flexibility that the Horizon product provides, describing the flexibility the software has to meet the specific demands of each site; the portfolio ranges from wind farms to professional campus sites.

PMS Leasehold Management currently operates 180 privately owned properties across the United Kingdom, and has been utilizing the attributes of Qube Global Software’s property management product, Qube, since 2007. Liam Furr, Marketing and Business Coordinator, extolled the accessibility of Qube’s help desk for accessing answers on how best to use the system on a daily basis.

Suzanne Wicks is the Managing Director of Hera Management Services, a property management company focusing on multi-family and residential properties.  She expanded upon the fundamental nature of the product and how it contributed to the continued success of Hera Management Services.

Chris Hinton, IT Manager for the Estates Department at the University of Cambridge, spoke in detail of the University’s 1.7 billion square foot property portfolio; the diversity of the portfolio includes an 800 year old heritage building and a state of the art modern fabric building.  One of the benefits that the Planet module provides is in its ability to consolidate portfolio information into usable statistics.

The Estates Information Manager of NHS Foundation Trust Planet is Nik Bygate, explaining how he uses the facility management module to best control his partnership between management and its 600,000 patient network.  Using the Planet module, he’s improved communications with his extensive customer network.

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Britany Wright
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