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Qube Global Software 2015 Customer Roundup | October 9, 2015

Qube Global Software 2015 Customer Roundup | October 9, 2015

Corporate real estate executives from more than 100 prominent businesses united at the 2015 Qube Global Software Customer Conference on October 8th.  Hosted at the Mermaid Theatre on October 5th, the roundup focused on global changes that will revolutionize the property industry. Despite the real estate industry as a whole historically resisting transformative change, innovative digital businesses continue to emerge.  Forward thinking CRE executives must see the benefit of investing in disruptive technology in preparation for the inevitable adjustments needed in order to achieve business objectives.

The property industry needs to prepare for global demographic shifts that include a massive population growth and a predicted 70% increase in construction output between now and 2025.   True visionaries are exploring ways to create cost effective ways to lead this change.

CEO John Cuppello opened the day with candid interactive discussions on the impact of new technology as it relates to rapid change.   He highlighted that while the development of mobile apps, portals and cloud-based services are now offering customers a truly mobile way of working, we still need to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate further change.

Peter Bolton King, Global Property Standards Director at RICS, urged the group to remain alert to change, as well. “If we are to create successful sustainable cities, we must respond to change by embracing new technology with visionary leadership and strong ethics at the heart of everything we do.”

To learn more about the event and the discussions, please visit us here.

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Britany Wright
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