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Qube Horizon 10.2 enhanced with release of Service Pack 3 | September 27 2016

Qube Horizon 10.2 enhanced with release of Service Pack 3 | September 27 2016

We are pleased to announce the availability of Qube Horizon 10.2. Service Pack 3. This is another notable enhancement to Horizon’s already wide-ranging functionality.

Horizon is a fully functional, deeply rich and highly flexible real estate software platform. It is the most technically advanced solution on the market and is accessible anytime anywhere through the cloud.

Service Pack 3 contains a breadth of new features and functions that are of tangible benefit to our customers. Highlights include:

  • New pieces of Business Intelligence called Gadgets. Gadgets are a graphical way of viewing your most important information. For example, you can view the property debt graphic while on the property record screen.
  • Intelligent Invoice Scanning is a new module for automated accounts payable that can be integrated with our Accounts Payable app. Intelligent Invoice Scanning is a market leading, automated scanning software that makes accounts payable more agile and efficient.
  • A new Expenditure Forecast report provides a means of budgeting for both capital and regular expenditure.
  • A new powerful type of filtering system that allows users to link filters from entirely different screens.

With over a hundred new enhancements to the software, the scope of this service pack is vast. For further information on Horizon Service Pack 3, get in touch.

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Chloe Hibbert
Posted by Chloe Hibbert or +44 20 3861 7100.
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