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Transaction and Lease Management Spotlight | August 3, 2011

The latest developments to the Lease and Transaction Management modules offered by Qube Global Software can be defined as innovative, predictive, and analytic.  As a trusted technology partner, we continue to enhance our software capabilities with the needs your business demands.  Using technology to produce improved results, you can measure success through effective management, and improve profitability by aligning your real estate operations with your company’s objectives.

When tracking lease renewals, tasks, and activities in a familiar user-friendly format, we have created intuitive visual indicators that will prompt and assist you in everyday tasks.  You get a graphical representation of all facets of a real estate related project and its requirements through functionally rich and visually appealing modules.

Most importantly, you have the capability to define and execute transactions and leases.  This means you can do less work, decrease expenditures, and have more effective transactions for efficient management.  The highly configurable nature of the applications prompts you with key date reminders and escalations, color coded by priority. By providing you with the tools to work productively in either the cloud or from your own data center, your information is secure, easy to manage, and in real time. By using SharePoint, integrated with Qube Global Software’s reconfigured lease and transaction management application, you can easily store and maintain documents, and control who reads and edits them.

Qube Global Software offers integrated and collaborative web based solutions for all your real estate needs.  For more information on how to predict outcomes through improved usability, we offer customizable, virtual environments that you can get answers to the questions asked of your data.

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Britany Wright
Posted by Britany Wright