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Qube Global Software recognizes that different organizations have varying technological needs. This is why our solutions are available 'on-premise' or as a SaaS solution.  With choices, you have the flexibility to select the hosting solution that best fits your business requirements. 

Qube SaaS services

Qube Global Software offers a virtualized private cloud that delivers both high availability and resiliency from our state-of-the-art data centers. The SaaS solution provides all the components you need to run an effective software system: all you require is internet access. We professionally manage our software with the expertise you would expect from the software creators.

With our SaaS option, you can rely on us to take ownership of and are responsible for the hardware, software, security, back-up systems and disaster recovery. Our SaaS solution ensures you remain focused on core non-IT business activities. Significantly reduce your total cost of ownership, while at the same time, increase your service levels.

Qube on premise services

We recognize that the Qube Global Software SaaS solution might not be the preferred option for all businesses. This is why all of our solutions can also be hosted on premise. Where you have an existing infrastructure, and the capabilities for an on premise install, our professional services teams will ensure solution roll-out and ongoing support.