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Build confidence for future growth with business intelligence

Build confidence for future growth with business intelligence

Qube Global Software offers powerful Business Intelligence and Performance Management tools to the CRE expert. These tools provide complete visibility of both the current business situation, along with a view of important trends directly related to a real estate portfolio. Interactive web based functionality takes the user beyond a traditional dashboard and provides a new level of intuitive interactivity.

  • Deliver a holistic view of your business performance
  • Obtain better insight into your real business issues
  • Gain the confidence to take action by evaluating different ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Transform complex company data into simple, actionable, visual information
  • Engage, inform, and persuade your audience through stunning graphical representations


Predict future performance

View company information in an easy-to-understand format for improved decision making. Interactive tools enable you to perform ‘what-if’ analysis by adjusting the underlying data and immediately seeing its impact.

Built-in alerting and trending

Spot trends, patterns, and areas of concern: other advanced visual components, such as gauges and drill-down charts, allow even the least-technical user to easily configure complex data.

Drill-down charts and maps

Interpret rows of data in easy-to-understand charts and maps: provide report-level details with the click of a button.

Save time, money, and resources

Empower your business users to create visual models, dashboards, and calculators that reduce the burden on your IT department: time spent waiting for critical information is decreased through the use of flexible deployment options and one-click exports to Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and the Web.

Real time information

Update models in real time for the most accurate data available: increase confidence in your decision making whenever or wherever you view data.