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Lease Administration Software: A Panoramic Look at Your Portfolio

Lease Administration Software: A Panoramic Look at Your Portfolio

Whether you’re a lease manager or part of a larger CRE department, our flexible lease administration software will help you achieve complete control of your costs and efficiencies. Our solutions offer you:

  • One place for all your lease data
  • Streamlined working processes
  • Total business insight

If you are looking to elevate your business processes, our lease administration software offers world class functionality and flexibility. Whatever your real estate portfolio looks like, you’ll be able to manage it in one easy to use platform.

Over 300 businesses around the globe are using our lease administration solution.

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Advantages with our lease management software

Our lease management software delivers a wide range of benefits that enable you to:

  • Stay ahead of tasks with prompts and real time email reminders
  • Increase stakeholder visibility with easily accessible lease documents
  • Save time and money by processing lease expenses more quickly
  • Gain business insights with reports for every aspect of the lease portfolio
  • Graphically sum up portfolio performance with lease intelligence
  • Manage a diverse portfolio, whether domestic or international, in a single system
  • Take active control of all lease activity with our fully integrated transaction management solution
  • Comply with lease legislation with compliant software

Our team is ready to answer your questions about how we can help you improve your lease management processes.

How will it help me run my business?

Our lease administration solution is ideally suited to assist both lease managers and corporate real estate (CRE) departments.

Lease Managers

As a lease manager looking to streamline working processes, our software enables you to:

  • Focus on higher value activity
  • Access a single source for all lease related data, reports and documents
  • Streamline working processes
  • Improve decision making with more accurate and detailed information
  • Provide effective reporting that best reflects the needs of your operation

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By improving lease management transparency, you can strengthen working relationships with:

  • Senior real estate executives
  • Business unit leaders
  • Service providers and support groups, as well as legal, finance and risk management

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We’ve listed a sample of the in-depth functionality offered in the lease administration platform:

  • Sophisticated reporting competencies
  • Comprehensive dashboard reports
  • Full document management
  • Domestic and international proficiencies
  • Advanced lease intelligence
  • Real time email reminders and action prompts
  • Dedicated lease payable and lease receivable options

Combined with our transaction and accounting management solutions, Qube Global Software helps you manage the full lifecycle of any real estate portfolio.


  • FASB compliant
  • Data capture
  • Rent accounting
  • Transaction management
  • International functionality

Our customers

At Qube Global Software we boast long standing relationships with extremely high levels of customer satisfaction. We provide solutions to more than 1,000 companies in over 70 countries. In North America, our customers include:

  • International airline carriers, including American Airlines
  • Brokerage firms, including CresaPartners
  • Retail and hospitality venues, including HMS Host
  • Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities, including Hanesbrands
  • Publishing firms and financial institutions

Our case studies feature success stories about how we help businesses like yours manage their lease administration.