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Qube Project Manager

Designed for corporate real estate Project Managers, Qube Project Manager has the functionality to effectively manage all project based activities associated with domestic and international real estate portfolios. Fully integrated with other modules, the software allows you to manage the total life cycle of your real estate.

Businesses can open new locations and manage capital projects, including re-models, build-outs and expansions. Ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget, Qube Project Manager provides the capability to automate schedules and budgets while managing a portfolio of capital projects. Team communication and workflow is provided to improve efficiency and collaboration amongst users. Projects may be monitored, bottlenecks identified and schedules adjusted in real-time.

  • Control project costs
  • Track project documents
  • Improve service to business operations
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Provide effective reporting and advice
  • Reduce time lost caused by duplicated efforts
  • Manage and benchmark project activity and timescales

The functionality of Qube Project Manager offers a broad range of capabilities.


All types of project are supported, including activity/task, financial and team based information: project templates can be created and used for all project types.

Notification and Alerts

Control any type of real estate project throughout the property lifecycle. The project status summary displays key financial information, including variances, projections, allocations and budget alerts.

Budget control

Manage all aspects of project budgeting: multiple budget components and budget role up is available.

Microsoft integration

Integration with the Microsoft Office suite provides a wide range of tools and capabilities. MS Project compatibility enables users to present project information in a standard format.