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Qube Retail Manager – Retail Management Software

Qube Retail Manager – Retail Management Software

Qube Global Software provides a single solution for retailers by combining the specialist capabilities needed to manage a diverse retail portfolio. Used by many of the world’s largest and most prestigious retailers, our application delivers a wide range of functionality to support the lifecycle of a store, from the doors opening to a final closing.

Qube Retail Manager delivers the following key functionality:

Lease contract management
Transaction and project management
Retail rent accounting
Facility repair and maintenance
Business intelligence

Qube Global Software provides scalable, fully integrated, business oriented solutions you can count on to manage an array of retail portfolios. Whether your business requirements include a full retail IWMS solution or a targeted fix for a specific business need, you can count on our years of global retail management experience.

Retailers require specialist software that manages real estate far beyond the boundaries of the workplace. Our solutions will exceed those needs by offering:

  • Percentage rent functionality that provides multiple calculation methods and sales report uploads
  • Multiple financial calendars that can be fully supported, including a 13 period and 52 week accounting system
  • Functionality for franchise payments and franchise management
  • Sublease capabilities that support internal and external tenants
  • An increased executive and investor level of confidence from accurate and timely financial and regulatory reporting
  • The ability to create a central information repository to improve strategic planning and decision-making
  • A true understanding of business issues through improved analysis and tracking of key performance metrics
  • Improved performance of all real estate assets, whether owned, leased or subleased
  • Delivering true business intelligence throughout the portfolio and to your partners via web-based reporting
  • Project and activity management tools to streamline business processes and accelerate store openings
  • Repairs and maintenance support, providing a portal whereby store management teams can report issues (work order management, planned maintenance, contractor management and SLA’s)
  • Integration with industry mapping products in a graphical format to enhance decision making
  • Domestic and global functionality and support to provide every type of retailer the solution they need to be successful