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Transaction management software

Transaction management software

Transaction management is an intuitive module that has been designed to effectively streamline real estate and lease related processes. It can help you:

  • Improve transaction throughput speed
  • Remain focused on critical tasks to eliminate lag time
  • Provide communications with partners and business units
  • Provide more accurate assessments of existing workloads
  • Report effectively to all stakeholders

With our transaction management solution, you can effectively manage all types of activity associated with overseeing your corporate real estate portfolio.

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Capabilities of transaction management software

Transaction management from Qube Global Software has all the necessary functionality to become an invaluable addition to your business tool set.

Key capabilities include:

  • Workflow templates to streamline standard activities and drive best practices
  • Visual indicators to ensure focus on critical activity
  • Email and document integration
  • Collaboration with team members and service providers to streamline processes
  • Reports to enable users to measure performance and identify regular bottlenecks

Guided by end users in the design, our transaction management module offers an intuitive user experience.

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Integration with real estate software

Transaction management is completely integrated with other functional modules in your real estate software; this ensures a seamless flow through the real estate lifecycle. For example, key lease dates can automatically trigger a transaction workflow based on pre-set templates.

By providing user groups with access to just what they need, you’ll experience improved response time, reduction in workloads, and enhanced internal customer satisfaction.