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Cost Control with Facilities Management Software

Cost Control with Facilities Management Software

Our facilities management software is a comprehensive and highly configurable solution that helps you manage all aspects of your real estate portfolio. The web-based CAFM system is easy to use and deploy and includes dedicated portals and mobile applications. So no matter where you are, you have access to the information you need, when you need it. Key benefits include:

  • Extend the life of your assets
  • Assign and allocate resources to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Control spend and budget at the building and region level
  • Manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Make better decisions with real-time data and improved visibility
  • Make better repair and replacement decisions
  • Plan better with information to support your facilities budget and organizational priorities
  • Transition from a reactive to a predictive preventive and proactive culture.

Our CAFM software solution helps real estate and facilities leaders achieve excellence in operational and financial performance. Find out more

Capabilities of our Facilities Management Software Solution

Key capabilities of our facilities management software solution include:

  • Easy to use mobile applications that support field operations and allow off line data capture
  • Comprehensive asset tracking and management
  • Flexible preventative maintenance with drag and drop calendar scheduling
  • Building asset and condition inspections
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Full help desk and dispatching support
  • Service level and performance tracking
  • MSDS health and safety compliance
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance checklists
  • Easy to use vendor portal for work order updates and invoicing
  • Easy to use personalized user interface and dashboards
  • Customized reporting and automated report delivery

Key Advantages of our CAFM Solution

  • Streamline your processes and automate manual tasks
  • Never miss a completion date with escalations and workflows
  • Manage your contractors from anywhere
  • Control costs with access to budget and financial information
  • Manage a mobile workforce with our apps and portals
  • Use Business Intelligence for improved decision making and process optimization
  • Improve maintenance management with vendor management and dispatching
  • Self-service customer portal promotes system adoption for internal customers
  • Manage risk and track health and safety compliance

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CAFM Functional Areas and Modules

Preventative Maintenance
Our facilities management software has a flexible scheduling tool that gives you the option to schedule based on last maintenance date or on a fixed time period. Our procedures library lets you store maintenance routines, best practices, safety instruction and check lists. Technicians have real time mobile access to what when and how they should be maintaining your facilities, and all reactive corrective and preventive history is retained at the asset and system level.

Reactive Maintenance and Help Desk
The CAFM solution fully supports help desk, email and customer portal entry of service requests, and all employees or tenants can have quick and easy access to the request portal. The central help desk management function is designed for reactive maintenance requirements. Help desk users are able to easily diagnose prioritize and route work requests. When a call is logged a unique ticket is created; this ticket can be assigned to any internal or external resource. Logging a call also automatically initiates user-defined workflows, ensuring that all the necessary information is recorded for the engineers. The system will record appropriate service level timers to ensure compliance.

Work Orders
Scheduled work orders can be viewed through an interactive calendar. This calendar gives a complete overview of ongoing maintenance work including planned, preventative and reactive work.

Once scheduled, the job can be tracked against budget and overall project commitment. You can reschedule these jobs depending on their effect on your available budget and cash flow as you require. Managers have dashboards and intuitive scheduling tools to tactically shift work hour to hour, day to day or week by week.

Asset Management
Asset Management is at the core of our facilities management solution. It offers a quick view of work history and maintenance cost. It can be used to track capital planning information for better forecasting of major repairs and replacements, and ensure a safe working environment with easy access to safety and permit information. Additionally, condition assessments help you better understand scheduled maintenance requirements and repair vs replacement decisions. Complete retention of location history ensures total visibility of asset movements.

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24/7 Facilities Management

Mobile App
Manage field service activities on your phone and tablet. The App enables you to:

  • Direct entry of inspections and maintenance activity
  • Find job information by location, priority or map
  • Use Google Maps to better plan and get to remote locations
  • Follow best practice health and safety workflowsStart, stop and complete jobs with pre and post checklists
  • Use the app to take and store before and after photos
  • Work off line and sync when back on line
  • Initiate new work orders

Vendor Portal
Our Vendor Portal is an easy to use tool for vendors to access and update work orders in real time while on the move. Easy use means higher adoption and better control of outsourced activities.

Dashboards and Business Intelligence
Our facilities management software solution fully supports custom dashboards and reporting for better decision making. Dashboard widgets allow you to easily build dashboards that provide actionable information. Our data warehouse enables easy aggregation and reporting on data from multiple systems, and the advanced report building tools allow you to customize and automate report their delivery.