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Simplify processes with an IWMS for all of your real estate management needs

Simplify processes with an IWMS for all of your real estate management needs

When you’re in the market for a fully integrated system that can solve all of your real estate needs in one place, consider Qube Global Software’s IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) solution. We provide you with a range of options to choose from, all capable of improving your operational effectiveness to deliver significant savings. Implement a whole IWMS solution, a select portion of the system, or just one of the individual components as needed.

IWMS clients successfully manage diverse global, national and regional portfolios. Available applications with specific subject matter expertise provide you with high quality solutions. It is our understanding is that professional businesses have differing focuses throughout the lifecycle of a real estate portfolio. Available applications within the IWMS solution offer specific subject matter expertise that provides you with high quality results.  

Our IWMS solution includes the functionality you need to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.

  • Real Estate management
  • Lease management
  • Property management
  • Transaction management
  • Facility management
  • Space management
  • Project management
  • Environmental management
  • Financial management

Benefits of Qube Global Software's IWMS solution

Understand how best to align key information with strategic objectives

With a complete understanding of your owned and leased portfolio, you can focus on providing meaningful data that supports your company's mission and objectives.

Support improved decision making on every type of lease agreement

From a single source, access all lease related data, reports and documents to streamline working processes. Share more accurate and detailed information in an effective reporting format that best reflects the needs of your operation.

Improve response time on repairs while reducing time lost on redundancies

The integrated CRE and FM functionality provides an all encompassing 360 view of a total portfolio as it relates to planned maintenance and repairs. Manage work orders and workloads that effectively measure performance, cost, and user satisfaction for improved communication between departments, suppliers and contractors.

Overcome lost revenue obstacles and reduce operating costs to deliver immediate time-saving results

Managing space on a daily basis requires a unique and innovative location management system to show significant productivity benefits. Our space management software simplifies processes related to staffing and asset moves, relocation, allocations and recharging. Key staff can be given access to easily view floor plans, asset locations, staff and department allocations within their browser.

Improve cost recovery while reducing efforts associated with sublease management

Manage subleased property as it relates to either an existing space reduction plan or as part of strategic project. Produce statements, letters and reports to better understand the true net cost of any location; take into account overall cost and subtenant revenue while automatically passing through costs.

Integrate with your corporate accounting systems for improved bi-directional information flow

Provide all departments with the visibility and control they need to effectively manage all real estate and facilities related costs, suppliers and purchasing. The payables and receivables components provide a real estate accounting functionality with a greater level of detail for: payment of all real estate costs; vendor management; paperless purchasing and multi-currency options; accounting functionality for global locations on a regional basis.

Transform complex company data into simple, actionable, meaningful representations for improved ‘what if’ scenario planning and holistic insight

Powerful business intelligence and performance management tools provide complete visibility to both current business situations and important trends directly related to your real estate portfolio. Interactive web-based functionality takes you beyond traditional dashboards, providing a new level of intuitive interactivity.

Deliver projects on time and to budget

From mass relocations and new builds, to refurbishments and small planned maintenance, effectively allocate funds, track commitments and manage suppliers involved in all capital project budgets. Understand tasks while easily identifying problems to control all aspects of project documentation.

Identify actual versus perceived use of space ahead of any planning decisions

Reel in on loss of space costs while improving employee satisfaction, using multiple scenario plans that capture demand requirements. Share detailed layouts of any type of relocation before passing final plans on to a move manager for approval and implementation.

Streamline standard activities and drive best practices to effectively manage all types of activity associated with overseeing a corporate real estate portfolio

Designed to manage real estate and lease related processes, workflow templates enable collaboration between team members and service providers for rapid email and documentation integration. Visual indicators ensure focus on critical activity that measure performance and identify regular bottlenecks.

Do I really need an IWMS system?

While your current solutions may provide what you need now, a strong IWMS system has a single core technology platform that delivers a robust foundational structure for all types of solutions. Qube Global Software offers you a single database for all your core functionalities. We understand the types of industry standard tools and methodologies you need to simplify integration with 3rd party systems.

How do I know my data is secure in your IWMS solution?

Qube Global Software is an ISO270001 accredited business. This provides you the assurance that we have proven procedures and infrastructures in place to ensure data security, satisfying even the most stringent needs of your IT security teams.

How is the IWMS solution delivered?

Your system can be delivered as a web based service (SaaS) or installed directly into your existing data center. It’s a 100% browser based user experience, providing functionality that encourages use, and the flexibility for users to work with their own devices, how and where they choose.

What else would be good to have in an IWMS solution?

Integrated business intelligence provides data representations and analysis that drive forward-thinking behavior.

Standard Microsoft tools for document and email management, reporting and exporting.

Mobile device integration that provides users with flexibility and access to key business functionality

Integrated maps across multiple functional areas support decisions, identify risks and develop strategies.

Open architecture to promote easy integration with third-party applications using industry standard tools.

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