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Space management software for CRE – Intuitive & web based

Space management software for CRE – Intuitive & web based

Qube Space will significantly increase efficiency in your business by improving your space management, move processes and workplace utilization. Save time and money spent managing your workspace with our flexible software solution.

The unrivaled move management capabilities within our solutions simplify and manage staff and/or asset moves from churn to major relocation.

Our space management tool provides a managed environment that stores your CAD information. It's simple to configure, interfacing with existing databases and with external third party systems like personnel/HR, Asset Register, MIS, Outlook, etc.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) product is:

  • Highly intuitive for first time users
  • Feature rich
  • Competitively priced

Qube Space
Get an accurate understanding of your office space occupancy. Plan and manage to ensure greater efficiency with Qube Space.

Primary module functions include:

  • People and asset tracking and viewing 
  • Moves and space change management 
  • Allocations and recharging 
  • Occupancy and strategic planning 
  • Resource bookings (hot desking/hoteling) 
  • CAD scenario planning publishing and drawing 
  • Drawing management and version control 
  • Engineering drawing archives 

Qube Space is compatible with commonly used IT/CAD environments, standard web-based technologies and SQL databases. The innovative and unique location management methods provide major productivity benefits, particularly for those corporations with a ‘high volume/high turnover’ open space plan.

The highly modular architecture of Qube Space makes it an extremely scalable and flexible system to deploy. The tailored solution is designed to work with a variety of other systems, while being both simple to integrate and easily built to reflect your brand over a number of existing platforms.

A key benefit of the system is in its ability to easily extrapolate information. This refers to floor layouts, space usage, desks occupancies, IT asset locations and real time moves, adds and changes.

Qube Space - Move Planning
Produce documents for major moves in minutes rather than hours. Streamline move planning and management with simple drag and drop functionality.

When making a decision based on supported data, Qube Space can immediately be called up by an approved user. Rather than having to consult with several department heads to review or update a drawing or an existing database, the user doesn't have to wait for results: rather, it can immediately ask the software the important questions like:

“What’s the percentage of occupancy by location?”
“How many manager’s desks do I have available within a specific department and at a particular location?
“What was the quarter-by-quarter growth in IT related space?”

With Qube Space, you get instant results for improved decision making.

Read our case study to learn more about how Qube Space can manage and improve response time to space inquires, repositioning requirements and utilization

Get the space management software mobile survey app

Users of Qube Space have access to a free Android app from the Google Play Store.  The app is compatible with any Android mobile device, allowing you to connect with the database. Key benefits of the application include the ability to:

  • View on demand floor plans of entire portfolios on the go
  • Survey desks without the need for expensive third party monitoring devices
  • Create other user definable surveys, including furniture condition, verification of asset locations (including Bluetooth bar code scanner integration), etc

Please note, you will need a subscription of our software in order to use this app.

Make better decisions when allocating or managing space

The user friendly Floor Monitor module allows a user to update a specific departmental location, a complete floor, a full building or a particular set of buildings. Accurate and up to date headcounts and occupancy figures are simple to produce without having to fully comprehend how to manage the rest of the system. Additionally the People Finder module enables companywide users (typically via employee intranet) to visually locate global employees.

Maintain an accurate view of your current space can be crucial to any business in the process of change. Whether downsizing, rightsizing or relocating, knowing that your existing resources are at optimal use is of key importance. For example, if headcounts are increasing or decreasing, a user can answer such inquiries concerning how floor plans can be altered, building specifications can be adjusted, or how to reevaluate renewing or cancelling lease obligations.

Optimal use of space leads to significant savings in operational costs. Enabling workplace flexibility via hoteling (also known as hot desking) can be instrumental when it comes to resource savings. Businesses need to track virtual staff, team members taking vacations or temporarily working off site. All of these can be supported with integrated space management resources.

With our space management software, moves, adds and changes are simple to plan and report via a comprehensive drag and drop interface. The automated documentations make the process simple, controllable and transparent for users and movers.

Find out how a customer is using Qube Space as a 'value-add' to the services they offer.

Qube Space has been actively deployed (both SaaS and self-hosted) throughout North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and Australia.  It is a professional business tool which no business should be without.