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Qube Resource Scheduling webinar

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  • Looking for ways to improve the way you reserve meeting rooms and space?
  • Trying to improve how team members reserve and manage their resource bookings?
  • This webinar was recorded on July 16, 2015.

Understand how you can revolutionize the way employees book their meeting rooms and hot desks in the workplace.

After the webinar, you'll know how to:

  • Significantly improve room and desk utilization
  • Improve the booking, check-in/check-out process by providing an intuitive view of availability
  • Streamline the booking process via smart phones, tablets or PC's: give them the app or a simple outlook add-in
  • Increase employee satisfaction by making room use visible and easy to understand
  • Reduce costs by utilizing non-proprietary devices (Apple Store/Google Play/Windows Marketplace App Stores)

Whether you are managing a single floor, multiple offices or a global portfolio, this solution will work for you.
Combining smartphones, tablets, the cloud and MS Outlook integration, Qube Resource Scheduling delivers a software solution that will revolutionize the way your employees schedule room and desk resources

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