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The world of property management is changing. Whether you’re an international property fund, a commercial property manager or a small residential agency; tenants, leaseholders, residents, staff and ownership structures expect more from you.

Stakeholders want instant access to easy-to-digest property information, yet also require the capability to drill further into detail. The digitisation of the industry means you need an innovative property management solution, from a proven provider – one that keeps you ahead and delivers the best customer service.

We have a portfolio of solutions for every property management discipline, including owners, occupiers or managers, and in the last 40 years we have enabled some of the leading names in the industry to grow from small enterprises to national and international brands. Real estate investments managed by Qube are proven to grow significantly faster than the market average, and today our innovations are still helping companies to develop at a pace that beats their competition.

  • Maximise your income, from vastly improved rent and service charge collections to being able to gain revenue from added value services to tenants or residents.
  • Access every piece of data and documentation on your portfolio, anywhere, anytime by utilising the most technologically advanced, cloud-delivered, mobile enabled solutions.
  • Automate and streamline all of your leasing, property management, FM and finance processes in one single system.
  • Improve service with a complete range of tools to keep tenants, owners, suppliers and staff aware of issues, progress and outcomes.
  • Achieve total mobility in your operations – with a range of apps for property and facilities management processes.
  • Prevent duplication and inaccuracies - sharing one set of data across your business and with partners to achieve the highest possible levels of collaboration.
  • Adopt the best software user experience with highly visual and easy-to-interpret dashboards and views, set up for every user type including management teams, accountants and property managers.
  • Be secure with an IS0 27001 security-certified SaaS Solution.
  • Be flexible, adopting solutions that are proven to work across a huge variety of leasing structures, tenure types and asset classes.
  • Utilise portals to simplify and empower communication with customers and promote better commercial relationships.

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Property management software to suit you

Property management software trusted worldwide by institutional, commercial and residential investors, and their service providers.

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  • Owners and investors Fully understand performance and risk across your entire portfolio, and start making significant time- and cost-savings by streamlining your business processes.
  • Managing Agents Win and retain more business by utilising the most sophisticated client reporting and debt control engine on the market.

Task Hub

Welcome to the Task Hub – the flexible
web-based tool offering property
management, anytime, anywhere.


Use our Home Hub to assess the urgency of tasks,
and prioritise these to ensure you never miss a date.

Site Survey App

Create, conduct and record site surveys on the go, increasing
efficiencies and providing a greater level of convenience.

SaaS 24/7 access to your system on any device
Complete Security We hold the ISO 27001:2013 security certification
Mobile Access our systems via mobile and tablets and take advantage of our suite of apps
Automate Streamline and automate your property management processes

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