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Outgoings Management

Enable easy and effective management of Outgoings with Qube

Cutting-edge and market-leading outgoings management functionality.

In-built ledger to manage simple and complex expense recovery requirements. Effective through single residential schemes, through multi-site and multi-owner requirements, to commercial and mixed-use common area management scenarios.

The entire lifecycle of outgoings can be managed in one place – starting with flexible budgeting and forecasting, including the revision of budgets during the outgoings year. Apportionments managed at unit level and automated calculation and creation of on account charges, based on unit apportionment percentages and budgets and other relevant factors such as caps.

Breadth of reporting options that can summarise simply the most complex outgoing requirements. Compare actual expenditure to budgets, break down reconciliations, manage voids and create full P&L reports, as well as balance sheet reports and trial balances.

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