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Task and Workflow

Define systematic and efficient process flows to assist, support and enhance your day-to-day processes.

Qube Task and Workflow Management functionality allows you, as an organisation, to capture, monitor and control the workflow of business processes.

Map out specific tasks required to negotiate a new lease, manage a lease termination, property acquisition, or any other business process that needs to be tracked. Notify the required participants of each step, both directly through the system and/or via email as and when required. Using the available drill-through functionality enables users to quickly and easily get to the underlying information held within the database. At any time, new business processes can be added and existing workflows updated and amended as your business requirements change.

Each task can be sent to individual users or to teams of users. Built-in escalation procedures and a simple traffic light system ensures key dates are not missed.

Tasks are tracked and completion dates are detailed against forecasts, allowing you to monitor the performance of third parties and highlight any bottlenecks in your processes. In addition, documents and template documents can be stored against any tasks using this integrated solution, ensuring all key documentation is captured.

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