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Organisations that lease most or all of their property realise that corporate real estate should be treated as a strategic asset. Yet traditionally the software available to manage these vital assets has been designed for agents and property-owning companies, and financial transactions are typically viewed from the owner’s perspective.

Qube Vision, however, offers the total corporate real estate solution.

Qube Vision recognises and addresses the requirements of organisations for which property is not the core business area, but is critical to their ability to operate successfully. Catering for a mixture of leased and owned properties, Qube Vision manages all financial transactions and delivers comprehensive reporting across all your operations.

  • Manage your owned and leased portfolios more effectively, with less effort and reduced risk
  • Turn your data into a knowledge asset by unifying it in a single, easy to search resource.
  • Increase automation to make your processes more efficient, freeing up time to concentrate on more strategic activities
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate potentially costly data-entry errors with a single source of the truth for all your real estate information
  • Interrogate your data and analyse it at company, property, lease and tenant level for greater insight
  • Save time through storing the reports you produce for future reference
  • Assign diary entries to the responsible individuals to ensure you never miss a job
  • Access your key business information on-the-go, whilst leveraging the latest technologies

Comprehensive property management with significant functionality capabilities.

  • Lease management Total visibility of your leased portfolio including sub-leases, space allocation and business unit occupancy costs.
  • Property management Seamlessly manage both owned and leased properties with Qube Vision’s comprehensive property database.
  • Financial management Qube Vision’s integrated financial module is a powerful accounting engine that streamlines the processing of all financial transactions.
  • Document management Web-based or local, Qube Vision’s Document Management facility links all kinds of files to the right property or lease, and makes them available to authorised users.
  • Retail management Retail reporting capability including all the functions and reports critical to managing retail space, whether owning or occupying.
  • Asset management Keep track of all your property assets through a wide range of specific dedicated functionality.
  • Facilities management Qube Vision allows you to manage and maintain all your facilities using our web-based FM module.

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Award-winning software Three-time Industry Supplier of the Year.
Task Hub Property management anytime, anywhere.
Mobile Access our systems via mobile and tablets and take advantage of our suite of apps.
Scalable Has allowed leading brands in the market to grow from small enterprises.

Used in several markets

Commercial Property for Owners and Managers

If you’re a commercial property owner or manager, Qube Vision provides you with the full range of functionality to enable you to optimise the value of your portfolio while maximising automation and efficiencies to save you time and effort.

Key processes include:

  • Trust accounting, including receipting
  • Bonds for residential property
  • Opex (outgoings) recharging including wash-ups
  • Bulk utilities on-charging (water, rates, electricity, land tax and waste)
  • Email rental and outgoings invoices direct to tenants
  • Critical date diary to ensure you don’t miss any key dates
  • Maintenance and compliance management
  • Aged balances and arrears management
  • Rent review forecasting
  • Owner income forecasting
  • Document manager to store key information such as lease agreements, photos, email, and written communication)

Extensive reporting options

Qube Global Software solutions incorporate an extensive range of reporting functionality that provides key strategy-informing insight and analysis. For example, easily produce WALT, profit and loss, balance sheet and budget-focused reports. All reporting is date-based and can be for any period and may be split across any entities within your portfolio.

You’re in good company

Our software is used by a number of high-profile property owners and managers across New Zealand and Australia to manage their commercial property. Some of these businesses include:

CRE Outsource Providers

We are proud to partner with a number of key corporate real estate outsource providers in New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world, to help them win and retain key CRE contracts for a range of organisations, including a number of Government departments.

Our customers include:

  • Colliers International (New Zealand)
  • Darroch Limited
  • Opus International Consultants

If you’re a CRE outsource provider, our software incorporates a range of functionality to support your business including:

  • Extensive database capacity to enable you to manage multiple clients with consistent functionality and accessibility across your organisation
  • Reduce costs by training staff in a single application
  • Take advantage of our web portal functionality – which allows your clients access to key data, reports and documents externally – to reduce the administrative burden on your account team
  • Our browser-based facilities management module enables your staff to log reactive maintenance tasks themselves, and allows contractors to make updates on each job they work on.

Want to find out more about our dedicated CRE outsource provider software? Contact us today.


Qube Global Software has a proven track record of helping public sector organisations maximise the value they receive from the property they manage. This has involved – in some cases – incorporating a mixture of standard and customised functionality to ultimately provide these customers with a solution tailored to their specific requirements. In all cases, our software delivers streamlined business processes, extensive reporting abilities and wide-ranging visibility of performance for all stakeholders.

Our key government customers include:

If you’re a government organisation interested in updating your property management software, contact us today to find out how we can help by speaking to one of our experts.


Qube Global Software has been supplying corporate real estate and commercial property management software to the healthcare sector since 2009. With this experience, our solutions have been designed to support the extensive lease management responsibilities typically faced by these organisations. Our software also provides significant sub-leasing and outgoings reconciliation management functionality.

In addition, we offer extensive expense allocation, onwards charging and ‘wash-up’ functionality – typically key requirements in this sector.

Our healthcare clients include:

There are 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) in New Zealand, each governed by a board of up to 11 members. Because their responsibilities are often spread over a significant geographical area, managing leased portfolios can be challenging for these organisations.

If you’re a DHB, however, our software makes your job far easier by providing you with much greater visibility of your operations. Be crystal clear about your commitments and responsibilities – both as things stand and going forward.

Healthscope, as one of Australasia’s leading private healthcare operators with 20,000 staff, occupies a different part of the healthcare sector. As it operates out of more than 500 locations, it has extensive leasing requirements. Our software is designed to support Healthscope in managing these, offering extensive sub-leasing rental and outgoings recovery functionality.

If you’re a healthcare organisation seeking an improved property management software system, get in touch to see how our functionality and experience can help you.

Mixed Banking Portfolio

Our software incorporates all the functionality you need to effectively manage your banking portfolio. It provides you with the ability to expertly manage both your owned and leased property – including commercial offices, branches and ATMs – from the same application.

You’re in good company

Qube Global Software is trusted by the banking industry globally. This is particularly evident in New Zealand, where all but one of the country’s major trading banks use our solutions to manage their property portfolios. Our banking customers include:

Covers all your functionality requirements

One of the reasons we have been so successful in the banking sector is our flexibility to support these differing organisations on their terms. In particular, we understand the need to implement interfaces between our software and third-party systems to ensure they are ultimately delivered with a solution that covers all functional requirements. For example, one of our CRE outsource provider customers provides Bank of New Zealand with an end-to-end property, lease, facilities and asset management solution using our software and an interface to SPM Assets.

Our software also allows you to manage your portfolio at the level you choose. For example, split your data by country, region or business unit and charge internally on an inter-departmental basis as required.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help financial institutions of all shapes and sizes to better manage their property portfolios.


Qube Vision is designed to help our customers with large retail portfolios to maximise the value of their property by giving them total visibility of all aspects of each property or shopping centre.

Achieve the optimum tenant mix with our software’s extensive business intelligence capabilities, which have the ability to interrogate your data and provide compelling factual support when making high-level strategic decisions. Never worry about ensuring the ideal combination of retail rent, operating expense recovery and turnover (percentage) rent again.

Get the information you want – quickly

Our  retail management module helps you to rapidly understand the key issues affecting your portfolio. For example, capture and report on:

  • Customer count by property and area
  • Sales by tenant, category and sales group
  • Sales YTD
  • Gross occupancy cost
  • Marketing funds
  • Percentage (turnover) rent
  • MAT

Qube Vision’s accounting functionality and reporting is also extensive, allowing you to:

  • Make comparisons against your KPIs, which you can import into the system alongside your sales data
  • Create reports split by specific groups such as country, region, mall, and tenant, and make comparisons Provide extensive analysis to your tenants on their own performance
  • Charge your tenants on the weighted value of the area per square metre or as a percentage of their sales

Trusted by the industry

We have developed our dedicated retail management software by working with industry-leading businesses over an extended period of time. You can be sure of our ability to help you operate your portfolio more effectively.

Some of our customers in the Australasia region include:

  • Bunnings Warehouse (Australia)
  • Carter Holt Harvey
  • Flight Centre (New Zealand)
  • Oyster Property Group
  • Restaurant Brands
  • The Warehouse
  • Z Energy


With our extensive experience of working with the not-for-profit sector, Qube Vision is designed to operate in line with the highly specific industry rules and requirements these organisations are subject to. If you are a not-for-profit organisation, you can be assured of our ability to help you maximise the potential of your owned and leased property.

As a user of our software, you will be able to streamline your processes and significantly increase the capacity of your real estate team without increasing headcount. This allows you to concentrate on core business – such as delivering value to your clients, tenants and funding agencies – rather than more labour-intensive tasks.

Extensive reporting functionality allows you to analyse your data in any way you want to, ultimately providing you with the insight to drive significant improvements in performance and inform your future business strategy.

You’re in good company

We’ve helped a number of customers from the not-for-profit sector, including:

Are you a not-for-profit organisation seeking a new property management software solution? Contact us today to see how we can help.


We have a proven track record of supplying property management software to some of the most significant educational institutions in the country.

University of Auckland: New Zealand’s largest university with more than 40,000 students, its property portfolio consists of more than 100 campus buildings that include offices, residential properties and a significant investment portfolio.

Te Wananga o Aotearoa: one of New Zealand’s largest tertiary education providers, operating from more than 80 locations throughout the country.

As an education provider, your operations are likely to be extremely varied. Our software is designed to record and report on your data by campus, property, building, level and area to reflect your environment. The system makes your property administrators’ lives easier as they can quickly ascertain which property they’re responsible for, its location, their future commitments and much more.

Further sectors

Our software also supports a range of other sectors. Some examples of our customers that demonstrate this variety include:

  • iSite
  • Origin Energy
  • IAG Insurance
  • Ngati Whatua Orakei Whai Rawa Ltd

Find out more about how we can help you manage your property better by contacting us today.

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