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Space management software
for the modern workplace

Utilise our leading-edge space management software to better
understand and visualise how your space is being used

Plan, manage and execute improvements in your workplace that result in a positive business impact

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. Real estate, facilities and space managers are expected to deliver a more efficient, enjoyable workplace and improve service to staff and business leaders.

As a starting point you need to understand how your workplaces are actually being used. The ability to plan properly is dependent on complete and current information, and having the right software and technology tools in place is a necessity.

With our software you can easily capture and visualise how your space is being used, making leaps to positively impact the bottom line, by doing more with what you already have, or by reducing the amount of unused or wasted space. What’s more is that you can also execute and manage move processes effectively in one holistic software solution.

  • Measure and analyse how you use your workspace and buildings.
  • Visualise real-time occupancy, vacancy and allocations information.
  • Understand how your workplace is actually used, capture data and produce visual reports.
  • Streamline the planning and execution of large and small moves.
  • Make it easy for all employees to find co-workers, meeting spaces, equipment and other important information.
  • Utilise a wide range of data acquisition options, including a mobile floor-walking app, workplace sensors, building entry information and network monitoring tools.
  • Navigate floor plans to drill into detailed room and use data.
  • Summarise key metrics by country, portfolio or even individual buildings.

How we can help

Space Management

Get an accurate understanding of your
office space occupancy.

Move planning

Streamline move planning and management
with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Heat Mapping

Understand how your workplace is actually
used, capture data and produce visual reports.

Occupancy Take full control of your occupancy highlighting unused spaces and making corrections.
Space Make better decisions when allocating or managing space.
Moves Plan and execute moves with drag and drop simplicity.
Finder Easily locate people and resources with our simple finder tool.

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