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CEO comment: What does the “Global” in Qube Global Software actually mean?

The name of our company – Qube Global Software – is very deliberate and we’re very clear about what it means about us as a business.

It refers primarily to our position as a provider of global solutions, rather than a network of global offices. This is in part a response to the globalisation of the real estate industry, not just in terms of the way portfolios are developing but also the growth of global service providers – many of which we support with our solutions.

Clearly there is a desire to manage these extensive portfolios on a single system and we have the software solutions and infrastructure to enable companies to do this. There are numerous features about our business that demonstrate this fact.

For a start, we have more than 1,000 customer businesses in more than 70 countries. Then there are our office locations and the geographical spread of our people. We opened an office in Singapore in 2013 and our recent acquisition of Vision Software means we now have a physical presence in all four corners of the globe, a really exciting development for us and a great springboard for the future.

But more important than that – as I explain at the start of this blog – is the nature of the solutions we provide. These have been designed with the changing objectives of the industry in mind. Our software offers consistency to enable businesses to manage extremely diverse portfolios in line with their overall corporate objectives, wherever they are located in the world – which is why we consider ourselves a truly global company.

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