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One simple word, but really important to us, because we come across it all the time!

Customers are continually striving for that competitive edge to gain cost savings or increased returns and we feel that we do a pretty good job of helping our customers with this. However, in nearly every new engagement with a prospective customer we get questions on compliance. Whether this be on tax, legal or industry body guidance, with approaching 900 customers we will have come across these questions before – so with us you can take these things as read.

So you are probably asking why am I bringing this up? Over the last two months Qube Global Software staff have been attending the RICS Property Management Roadshows. The events cover the implications of the new RICS Service Charge Code of Practice (2011). It was clear from the pre-seminar documentation and at the first session that Qube Global Software’s solutions would easily adapt to enable customers to handle the requirements set out in the upcoming code. In fact, this capability has been in place for some time. However, from what I understand not every supplier loves compliance as much as us. So if you are reading this and an auditor or customer has recently questioned your compliance, we can help.

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