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Current Issues in Property Events

Today is the Liverpool event of the annual Professional Conferences series on Current Issues in Property. The events are a great chance for Surveyors to catch up on what is happening in the broader industry while gaining CPD hours for this education. We have been sponsoring these events throughout the first half of 2010 and we are attending the remaining events in Durham, Birmingham, London, Watford and Milton Keynes.

As part of the sponsorship, at all of the conferences John Cuppello, our CEO has been delivering an address. The presentation covers why attendees should be looking at how they use software within their businesses, as technology, people and business processes have moved on since systems were first installed. John even touches on how macro-environmental factors such as demographics and lifestyle are affecting how we use software in the workplace. The presentation also covers how our latest systems are using historic data to provide true Business Intelligence solutions.

To date the presentation has been well received and it has been great to see so many of our customers at the sessions. It has also been fantastic to see how see how many prospective customers have reacted positively to the advice and are going away to review their old systems. We look forward to helping these businesses get more from their property data in the future.

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