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How to choose your next generation of real estate software tools

I am a frequent attendee and speaker at real estate and facility management events.  Because of this, I’ve developed a strong understanding of the expectations and goals that our industry has for its next generation of software tools.

I was recently given the opportunity to publish my thoughts in CoreNet’s  September/October 2014 issue of The Leader magazine.

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These ‘expectations and goals’ remain critical components for a number of years.  They get recycled as new concepts, again and again and again. Some of the cyclical ideas include: reducing the total cost of occupancy; improving knowledge flow; boosting operational efficiencies; and optimizing the use of space and enhancing asset values.

How to choose your next generation of real estate software tools include a number of key ideas:

Relate the real estate and facility information to the overall goals of the corporation.  These departments represent two (2) fundamental aspects of your business plan. Ensure that your software tools have the capability to integrate them.

Provide a secure, consistently available environment (anytime, anywhere). The workplace gets more mobile every year.  An increased number of employees are on the road traveling, and require immediate access to important data. In addition, as workers frequently split their time between offices, this is another reason for available data to be a priority.

Use your system globally. It’s no secret that technology isn’t going anywhere; rather, it is growing at a rapid place. Companies have the capability to function in several locations around the globe, making it imperative to keep the team on the same page.

Be able to ask the difficult questions. Asking smart, intelligent questions about how your business has and does perform will affect strategic decision making. Choose a technology partner that works on a user-friendly platform for providing easy access to vital information.

When you start looking for your next generation of real estate software tools, understand and prioritize your requirements. It’s important to note that the average company will invest approximately seven (7) years with one technology system before switching to a new provider. We know this isn’t an easy decision to make, so make the right one with thoughtful consideration.

If you have more specific questions regarding a pending migration to a new technology platform, I’d welcome the chance for open discussion.  Feel free to contact me via email address or by telephone.

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