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Planet User Groups crucial to development philosophy

The development philosophy of Planet, our dedicated CAFM solution, is highly customer-driven. In other words, our prime focus when updating the software is what our users want. As a result, they get the changes and updates they need rather than those we think they need – a subtle but crucial difference.

To enable us to do this, we need to get to the bottom of exactly how our customers use our software and what they think about it. So we need to engage with them in an open and productive manner.

We find the User Group concept to be particularly helpful in understanding our customers’ needs – essentially, this is a frank discussion about Planet among a group of like-minded customers. A prime example of this was at our Customer Conference a couple of months back, where we ran a specific NHS User Group due to a strong customer base in this sector. This was attended by more than 40 of our customers in all and was a big success. Crucial to this was the fact it was chaired by customers from the NHS facilities management industry and the areas of discussion were completely client led.

Overall the User Groups offer a number of benefits to those attending. Specifically, they enable attendees to:

  • address common concerns
  • network with peers in their industry
  • benchmark how others are using the system
  • share thoughts, ideas and best practice
  • gain a better understanding of how they and others use the system

Our User Groups are set up to be part of an ongoing series of sessions over an indefinite period of time. The thing we stress to attendees or those thinking about becoming attendees is that they should approach the concept as an investment for the above reasons. We will be staging User Groups across other sectors in the future so if you are interested in participating, please get in touch with your account manager or drop us a line on planet@qubeglobal.com to discuss in more detail.

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