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The Popularity of Cloud Computing

Have you noticed an ever increasing trend for your businesses to request products on a cloud basis? If so, then have you ever wondered what the term “cloud” refers to in the context of software and computing? If so this BBC article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10097450 provides a really useful guide.

We first started hosting our products on behalf of customers in an early version of a “cloud” over 10 years ago. Our very first customer was an international airline, they adopted this approach as part of their revised real estate management model, because fundamentally it was substantially more cost effective. Ten years later they are still our customer, they are still happily in our cloud, and they just happen to be using the upgraded versions of our software.

What has changed is that, instead of being the original early adopter and the very first to put their toe in the cloud water, they are now one of many. In fact, in October this year, for businesses ranging from major property fund investors to high street retailers, from those based in the UK to those outside these shores we have activated another 235 accounts within our cloud. This has been the largest activation month to date and is, I believe, a reflection of the sentiments in the BBC article.

Neil Harrison – Product Director

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