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Qube Global Software Captured on Film

The end of 2010 at Qube Global Software has been captured on film, not least the video documentary by the Telegraph Business Club highlighting the success of the company over the last 35 years.

We are really proud of this film and our inclusion in this project especially standing alongside the major brand names already featured in this series.

In addition an overview of the marquee event of 2010 for our customers is also available on video. Over 300 customers again made it to Kings Place, London for the annual customer conference. While we videoed all the sessions for the thousands of users worldwide that could not make it we also created a video showing some highlights of the day.

At the event we also captured some great testimonials from users of the software and a detailed interview from our CEO John Cuppello. All these including The Telegraph video are available on the video player on our site.

Part of the focus of this event was the launch of Version 10 of all our solutions with major advances in the functionality being delivered. The uptake from both customers and prospects has been fantastic.

Video is definitely the media of choice of many of our website visitors and we look forward to delivering more productions in the coming months.

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