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Qube Global Software launches new and improved websites

How do you improve a website? That challenging question is one we gave serious thought to whilst planning the redesign of our new websites. Ultimately, we decided to look at why people visit our website, what you find useful about it and how we can improve your experience. We also considered changing digital marketing trends and user habits, along with our own business objectives and the latest developments in our marketplace.

We carried out significant research at the outset, considering a number of opinions from across the business in order to create a detailed next generation website brief. After reviewing several potential suppliers, one agency in particular, Moove Agency, stood out by demonstrating that they really understood our brief, backed up by several well thought through concepts.

Collaborating with Moove Agency and teams across Qube Global Software, we have delivered our new and improved websites on time and on budget.

Our new design provides a far simpler and easier browsing experience, a more modern ‘look and feel’ and a greater international focus to reflect the global nature of our business.

Areas we aimed to improve for you include:

Simplified navigation and easier to find information

A point of differentiation for our business is that we cover a broad range of sectors and industries in comparison to our competitors. This is good news for real estate management professionals but it presents a challenge for us – how do you fit all the required information in while at the same time making the presentation of this information simpler. The first thing we discarded was the dropdown menu navigation from our old website which was not really suited to a mobile device. To achieve this, we restructured pages into logical ‘zones’ and came up with a simple primary and secondary navigation solution so users can see exactly where they are on a website and where they could go next. A potential criticism of our new navigation is that users may have to click one more time to get to a sub-page than they would have with a dropdown menu but – overall – we feel that the refreshing and modern design, quicker website and the benefits of a simplified and useful navigation outweigh this drawback.

Modern and mobile friendly design

A growing number of our website visitors access our websites via tablets and mobiles and our new websites are built to look good on all devices and are quick and simple to navigate. This approach means that users get to enjoy the full browsing experience regardless of which device they are using and they have full control of their browsing experience. To support this strategy, we have a ‘clean’ and modern design.

Global software supplier

As a global software supplier with offices throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia Pacific and with software used by more than 1,000 companies in 69 countries, we wanted a digital marketing presence that captured this global identity. We hope our new websites appeal to audiences in our target countries all around the world, whether they are a multinational business or operating from a single location. To achieve this, our global region select shown at the top of every page presents us as a global supplier with key information about our business. We also feature targeted global and regional key facts on relevant pages throughout the site that are unique to us. As a global supplier, we have one global website, qubeglobal.com and seven regional websites with local imagery, events and news. As part of our international growth plan, we have increased the number of websites we offer from six to eight, introducing new websites in Canada and Ireland.

Better content

However good a website looks, it will come up short if the content is not up to scratch. With this in mind, we have created and updated many pages that you should find useful. But we won’t be resting on our laurels – we have a content marketing strategy to build on this.

Easier to read

Increasing font size – which may seem like a small change – can make a huge difference to readability. One of the comments from our feedback sessions is that the new websites are a lot easier to read than the old websites.

People and personality

Our people make us different from other suppliers. With this in mind and in order to incorporate more personality into our website content, we now feature authors in news stories and blog posts.

One area for all customers

Our users can book training courses via our website and use links to access customer-only areas. Our old website had this information scattered across several locations and as part of our restructure we wanted to create one area for all customers. This can be found under Services – the ‘go to’ page for all customer-related information.

Reduced load times

Have you ever wanted a slow loading website? No. Me neither. We have used several tools and taken steps to ensure that the pages on our websites load as quickly as possible.

Video integration

Our new video channel makes it easier for you to find customer testimonial videos, Qube Global Software conference videos and interviews with staff and our CEO, John Cuppello. We note that video is important to your browsing experience and have exciting plans to build on this in the near future.

Social media integration

If you like a news story or white paper, now you can easily share it on your preferred social media website. Alternatively, you may want to follow Qube Global Software to get the latest news and developments as it breaks – we feature badges to our key social media pages at the top of all pages.

If you have any questions about this post or our new website, please get in touch.

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