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Qube SLM: Staying ahead of the game

The mass hysteria caused by the launch of the iPhone 6 a couple of months back proves people’s desire to have access to the latest technological advancement is as strong as ever.

As a software company, we know this better than anyone. And that’s why we’ve spent a lot of time developing Qube SLM – or Aspasia as it was known – in the time it has been available to the market. We, like Apple and all other technology suppliers, have always been conscious of the need to constantly enhance our software offering to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.

As I touch on above, our specialist sales and lettings was re-now branded Qube SLM as opposed to Aspasia in April last year (as you may previously routinely referred to it as). This is one of the biggest changes as it reflects the fact we were acquired by Qube Global Software two years ago. So instead of being a small independent business, we are now one of five products offered by a global property management software specialist.

This has brought many benefits with it but – most importantly – it has allowed us to invest even more resources into the development of the solution than we have ever before. One thing to stress is that it’s the same solution offering the same functionality advantages it ever has – in other words, it’s as useful as it’s ever been but with the enhancements we have added over the past year or so.

In particular, we have been able to tap into the considerable knowledge offered by the people at Qube Global Software. As an example, Qube SLM can now be integrated with Qube PM (one of the other products offered by the company) to provide a more rounded offering.

That being said, Qube SLM has always been able to offer extensive sales, lettings, property management and accounting functionality in its own right – so that it can easily handle the demands of the entire residential property lifecycle. This is something that’s becoming more and more in demand from the sales and lettings market. Specifically, it is now better equipped for front-to-end residential property management responsibilities, ranging from the initial marketing of a property when looking to let or sell it to the ongoing management requirements on a day-to-day basis..

In much the same way, we are now offering Qube SLM to businesses overseas as the way we have developed the product and the broad range of functionality it now offers makes it more and more attractive to a range of different companies. As an example, a business based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently became a user of our solution.

But we certainly aren’t resting on our laurels and will continue to do our best to stay ahead of the game. Most excitingly, a new release will be available in the first half of 2015. This will feature an even more modern and user-friendly interface and ‘look and feel’, which will enable users to navigate quicker around the solution. This improved usability will in turn deliver even greater efficiencies across our customers’ operations.

The last year has been a significant one in the history of our software solution. We’re really excited about where we are headed and are proud to offer a market-leading and cutting-edge product that we think is more advanced than anything else in the market.

Trevor Youens is Managing Director of the Qube SLM solution.

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