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Rising postage costs causing problems? We have some solutions for you.

As many of you will know postage costs are on the rise – whether this is in the UK with the recent increase of the cost of a stamp to 60 pence, or perhaps due to cost and inflationary pressures brought onto other private suppliers and in turn you. This does not make communicating with customers nowadays any easier. Many of our customers have been dispatching hundreds of thousands of demands, reminders and correspondence via postal services – mostly because that is the way they have always done it! Some of them because of what is governed in the agreement or the lease.

Changes have prompted customers to evaluate how they are sending communications to customers and to start looking at adopting the extensive emailing and SMS functionality that our systems offer. Don’t forget the savings that can also be made in respect to not having to print, collate and stuff envelopes.

In addition another saving that can be enabled (both on time used by staff and in the hard postage cost) by giving customers the option to self-serve using a portal. Using a portal to allow your customers to pay rent and service charges and find out information on their property in their own time, will cut down on the ad-hoc paper work that may be delivered by traditional methods.

Anecdotally one of our clients was worried about how their customers would react to using a portal – but on surveying them a massive 85% of them wanted this service. On implementing our tenant portal that links seamlessly with their property management system they have been delighted with the results and no doubt the reduced costs.

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