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I was on a flight back in the summer and got randomly selected for the customer satisfaction survey. You know the ones dreamed up in some office far removed from the customer experience, that’s right, the ones that take an eternity to complete.

“On a mark for 1 to 5, with 1 being low and 5 being high, how would you rate (a)the check in facility (b) friendliness of staff (c) security procedures …… (x) food on board the plane (y) in flight entertainment …. yawn, yawn …”

I was left with the impression that by asking a specific question over every point of contact between myself and the airline, they were missing the real point. Namely was I satisfied and did I have a comment as to why, be that good or bad. If they had asked that question, the survey would have been much simpler to answer and potentially more meaningful, namely, Yes I was very satisfied and the reason why was because the journey had been enjoyable, (well up to the point of the survey).

Qube Global Software, like the airline company, acknowledges that customer satisfaction is essential and like the airline company, we used to involve our customers in such long winded questionnaires. But two years ago we changed to using the Net Promoter methodology http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_Promoter and have found it truly useful because of improved feedback, both in terms of comments and volume; it is such a simple and time effective approach. It is of course not a perfect methodology, but it provides us with customer satisfaction indices throughout our business units to determine if our actions improve customer satisfaction. After all a satisfied customer will spend with you again and a non-satisfied customer does not.

Neil Harrison – Product Director

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