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Seminars help show how Qube can tackle main property management challenges

We think that seminars and webinars are invaluable in helping show how Qube can tackle the main property management challenges. We recently ran two sessions at the top of the Gherkin in London aiming to highlight this point.

Prior to these seminars, we asked attendees to identify their primary ‘areas of pain’ (i.e. typical tricky and time consuming procedures they face). The results were very interesting, with three stand out challenges accounting for more than two-thirds of the vote. Specifically 24% identified service charge management as their main problem area, while 22% voted for both integrating data into one system and streamlining procedures/improving task management. The next most ‘popular’ challenge (compliance with professional standards and industry regulations) attracted only 8% of the votes.

What the survey clearly demonstrated to us above all else is that their current problems and ‘pain areas’ are caused only by their existing inadequate support systems. By contrast, Qube is designed specifically to help property management professionals overcome each of these difficulties. It’s not rocket science, we at Qube listen to our customer base (which includes all of the market leaders in all sectors) to ensure our software remains a clear market leader.

Take service charge management as an example (statistically, the biggest problem). Qube’s advanced service charge ledger functionality enables users to carry out all aspects of this task, from in-depth budget preparation through to production of full service charge year end accounts (complete with the document file of all invoices included), ensuring full compliance with RICS and ARMA rules.

Due to the nature of the seminar, we were able to demonstrate this clearly by looking at each of the main challenges identified in detail. Presentations included input from our consultants who work at the ‘coal face’ and have considerable experience of helping our existing customers overcome these exact problems. These enabled us to provide real-life actual examples and best practice models from their previous experience – paying particularly close attention to the initial migration phase to Qube. This proved especially valuable to attendees.

Overall, we received very positive feedback to both seminars and we will be looking to run similar and more regular sessions in future.

If you are a property management professional and would like to register your interest in attending these, please contact us on marketing@qubeglobal.com.

John Thumwood – Sales Manager, Qube

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