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If you have been browsing our site lately, you may have noticed the word ‘trust’ coming up a lot. This isn’t a coincidence – it’s something we’ve been thinking long and hard about over the past few months and that’s been subject of a great deal of discussion internally.

We’re currently planning some exciting projects for the year ahead and – as part of this process – we decided to explore the images and statements that best represent us as a company. The ultimate goal was to produce a statement to sit beside our logo that’s memorable and reflects what we stand for and how our customers see us.

A number of statements and particular evidence came out our research:

High referral rates – this is our single biggest source of new business
Positive implementation results
Our software solutions are proven to deliver results and a have a clear return-on-investment
The depth of our customer database per sector
The wide range of sectors we operate in
Our total number of customers
The varied volume of testimonials we have collected on the website
The customer logos we have on the website
The high levels of respect for our products in their markets

Above all: our products, the company and our staff are trusted by customers and across the various markets we operate in (property, facilities, sales, lettings, agency and so on). It’s for this reason that we believe that the statement ‘Trusted by Real Estate People’ best fits our business.

So if you spot any of our adverts or emails or return to the site you will continue to see the word ‘trust’ come up, you now know why. Overall, we feel this really reflects what we stand for.

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