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Software is now easier to use – is this your experience?

You may have seen our latest white paper on the evolving use of Technology in the Property Industry. The paper researched and written in conjunction with Property Week has proven to a be very popular download from our site over the last couple of weeks. There are a couple of real stand-out stats including almost 85% of respondents thinking that software is becoming easier to use.

This is not such a surprise to us going on the trends from over the last few years in the way that business applications have been developed, indeed we have been working hard to make sure our applications are even easier to use through our development efforts.

But is this something readers are experiencing? We know that when consulting our prospective customers this is not always the case. Many of the common applications in use across the industry are 10 plus years old and users of these will not always be having the best experience.

Coupled with this, Lack of IT skills and/or training was a significant concern for over a quarter of respondents. So not only are some people struggling with older systems – but they may not have the best knowledge to use them. Download the paper here for more.

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