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Ten Years of Customer Roadshows

Ten years old this year, Qube PM’s Customer Roadshows were originally conceived as a counterpoint to our annual Customer Conference – a regional version of the London based main event. The content would be similar and just tweaked for the smaller audiences.

But just as the Conference has grown into huge event, the Roadshows have evolved into an important series in their own right and now attract hundreds of customers from around the UK.

What really sets the Roadshows apart is their interactive nature. Events tend to attract between 10 and 30 delegates (although last year’s Manchester Roadshow just topped 50!) and, in this more intimate environment, customers tend to get involved more.

Presentations from the Qube team tend to reflect this interaction, too. They are short and sharp and focus on getting the most out of the current release of the software, as well as looking ahead to what’s coming in the next release. Traditionally hosted by our Account Mangers, supported by the Customer Relationship Team, this year’s Roadshows will also have our Support Manager, as well as senior directors, in attendance.

2015 will see more Roadshows than ever before. We’ll be back in Manchester and have added Leeds to this year’s roster (a good proportion of the attendees from last Manchester event had crossed the Pennines to be there and we hope that this will make the numbers more manageable there). We’ll also be returning to Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow and Birmingham – where we have great user communities and have hosted some really good events.

We choose venues on a number of criteria: facilities and accessibility being key, but we also like to make sure that the venue is of a suitable standard. With some venues it’s immediately apparent that they’re ideal – the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff, for example, is close to perfect. A good location, parking, great rooms, good AV and all wrapped up in a desirable hotel (although it’s a long way for most of our team!). In other locations it can be harder to find the right place – Brighton has a very vibrant community of Qube users, but we’ve tried what seems like every hotel in the city and finally, after a lot of attempts, we’ve managed to find one suitable to return to.

The original Roadshows didn’t include London, but events at our King Street offices have been a staple for quite a number of years, now. Once again we’ll be expecting around 100 delegates across the three events being held there this year. What’s more, we’re also hosting more dedicated Roadshows at King Street for our landed estate customers and for our occupiers (both of these groups tend to use the system slightly differently to other sectors and splitting it this way allows us to deliver more tailored content).

Add in the very similar User Groups in Dublin and Belfast and it’s going to be a very busy Spring for the team – but well worth the effort as by the end of the Roadshows we’ll have managed to engage with hundreds of our customers.

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