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Ten years of the Qube name

I have a number of bad habits. One of these is that I don’t delete emails. So it’s fair to say my inbox is pretty rammed. But this isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it can actually be very useful if I need to find information from way back. And this was exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago when I was trawling my inbox for something one of my colleagues had requested.

Something I noticed was that some of my emails stretch back to 2005 (I told you I was bad). A little more digging and I quickly noticed that it has now been ten years since we released Qube software and undertook an extensive roadshow to promote the product. For those of you that are long-term readers of the property press and have a (very) good memory, you may remember the ad above (which we used extensively at the time).

So, Qube. What were we thinking? Well, the name was chosen to reflect the cubes that we had used throughout our marketing activities previously. Building on this, we used the tagline “multidimensional software for a multidimensional world” – which we thought pulled it all together and really summed up Qube’s capabilities back in 2005.

This was the first time we had used the Qube name. Things have changed a bit since. A couple of years later, we consolidated many of the companies that had been merged together to create Qube Global Software. And – full circle as they say – as this year the latest evolution of our branding has been released. The original Qube product is now Qube PM and all of the other products now use this suffix – Qube SLM,  Qube Planet, Qube Horizon, Qube Vision and Qube Space. A subtle change but one that takes the overarching Qube Global Software brand deeper into our products.

The last decade has seen many changes as the business has gone from strength to strength. We’re very excited about the future. Here’s to the next ten years of the Qube story!

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