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We are launching our Balloon

Our annual staff meeting took place yesterday and as well as announcing to staff the company vision for the next five years, we also showed the direction of some of our messages to the market and associated imagery. Over the next year we hope you see our balloon around the industry, at events, in advertising and if you return again to the website.

Our balloon is a motif; while it looks a little like our logo, it stands for everything we do for our customers. Our software provides customers with an elevated view and delivers:

  • Better vision of their business
  • A panoramic view of their industry
  • Complete insight into their challenges
  • A better perspective on their department or role
  • The ability to operate at higher level

It also represents the position of our software in the market: high quality and high impact! And finally, our balloon represents how we see the market – taking an all-encompassing view, covering solutions for real estate investors, occupiers and services providers – globally.

So hop onto our balloon and we’ll put you on top of your world.

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