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Boultbee Brooks Real Estate (BBRE) – Qube PM software

Boultbee Brooks Real Estate (BBRE) is an entrepreneurial, family-owned company led by Clive Boultbee Brooks. Clive has an impressive track record spanning over 27 years, having transacted over £5 billion in the UK and Europe.

BBRE invests in a wide range of properties, including financing developments, and also undertakes some property management. It is well known, highly respected and is hugely successful. In the last six years alone, Clive has been involved in property transactions worth a total of £4billion and the company’s current portfolio is worth around £160million. The portfolio incorporates offices, high street retail outlets, restaurants, residential developments and industrial properties. Many of these are highly prestigious sites; one current project involves 47 flats in central London, each of which is worth in excess of £2million.

Few companies have such a breadth of investment, development and management activities, with most typically preferring to specialise in a specific area. But this reflects BBRE’s overall approach of being willing to embrace a wide range of property activities. As Adam Pinnell, Boultbee’s Group Financial Controller puts it: “It’s an exciting and very entrepreneurial business.

We go wherever the opportunity takes us, and always with an open mind.” But the company’s willingness to make fast decisions and openness to trying new things is firmly rooted in expert knowledge and experience. BBBRE is highly respected and – because of this – is often approached and invited to invest ‘off market’.

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