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Dean Clough – nationally renowned landmark site use Qube PM property management software

Dean Clough Convert to Qube PM and Reap the Benefits

Dean Clough is a nationally-renowned landmark site in Halifax, West Yorkshire measuring two-thirds of a mile from end to end. It’s thriving and varied business community includes over 140 businesses employing some 3500 people. Housed in its 15 substantial buildings are Conference and Leisure facilities, a café and restaurant, public art galleries, a theatre and a hotel.

A Unique Building and History

The site is a large collection of multi-storied Yorkshire gritstone buildings, situated in the centre of Halifax. Famous now for its financial services and technological sectors, Halifax was once an industrial powerhouse, one of a cluster of Northern towns and cities that held the wealth of the world in their hands.

Begun in 1840 and built for the carpet manufacturer Crossley, it took twenty years to complete the Dean Clough Mills, by which time it was the town’s biggest employer with over 5,000 workers spread across its twenty acres.

With the decline of industry, Dean Clough as a carpet factory closed in 1982. Many people assumed that the buildings would be knocked down but a new lease of life was injected into the site when it was bought for redevelopment. The company set up to run the Dean Clough still owns and manages the site today. With a mix of speculative and bespoke development it has over 27 years become a model for regeneration.

“The durability of and grandeur of the mills has always been the main asset. The ready reuse of that asset, which had in the main been maintained in good condition, enabled the early stages of re-development” says Jeremy Hall, Chairman and Managing Director of Dean Clough. “Today it is the scale of the mills that enables us to offer an environment that meets both the large corporate and small business expectations simultaneously”

Why Qube PM?

Dean Clough has been using Qube PM since 2007, but has been a customer of Qube Global Software for much longer than this.

Financial and Property Software, the developers of LandMaster was purchased by Qube Global Software in 2001 and with that came a significant, mature customer base, including Dean Clough. LandMaster is a successful software package in its own right; however, Qube PM is able to offer a more complete package, with extensive SQL support, easier and more flexible reporting by way of the comprehensive Report Wizard and a fully integrated accounting system.

There was a general feeling at Dean Clough that they had simply outgrown LandMaster, but it was the added financial functionality that really attracted them to Qube PM. PM offers a General Ledger that is capable of producing full profit and loss and balance sheet reporting – to the extent that it is used by some Qube Global Software clients to produce their company accounts.

While they had a Property Management System without sufficient financial capabilities, Dean Clough was effectively duplicating work because of all the sub-systems involved. They needed a system with richer functionality than LandMaster could offer, but didn’t want to lose their excellent relationship with the team at Qube Global Software. An upgrade to Qube PM was the logical choice.

Integrated Into Everyday Business

Dean Clough has a seven user system comprising of the central core – the Property Management Module; along with the General Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Invoice Register, Order Processing, Unit Level Expenditure, Help Desk and Planned Maintenance, the Hazardous Materials Register, Meter Readings, Maintenance Logging, Document Manager and Central Security.

With all of this functionality, Qube PM has become so deeply ingrained into Dean Clough’s working practices that all of the modules are being fully exploited.

As well as holding all details of their properties and tenants, Qube PM provides full financial management through the Purchase Ledger and General Ledger – from issuing demands and full service charge functionality, all the way through to ordering stationery and paying suppliers.

The Help Desk and Planned Maintenance module is used at the ‘nuts and bolts end’ of Dean Clough’s property operation – assisting with the cyclical maintenance of the property as well as emergency and other unscheduled work.

The Hazardous Materials Register helps to keep Dean Clough on the right side of property legislation and the Meter Readings module allows for charges to be posted to tenants, based upon their actual use of the utility services.

All of this combines with Central Security and Maintenance Logging, which help to give greater control over the software, to make Dean Clough one of the most comprehensive and exciting Qube PM installations.

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