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Gateway Property Management – Delivering a professional service with Qube PM

Gateway Property Management

Gateway was set up in 2006 by Tony Dean who has many years experience in property management. It started with two people looking after 500 units. Today more than twenty staff efficiently manage and maintain a portfolio of over 7000 units spread across England and Wales.

Gateway mostly manages residential units, including some sheltered blocks with on-site managers. Tony and his team are used to dealing with a variety of properties, ranging from single apartments to blocks of over three hundred units. Whatever the size or location of the property, the emphasis is firmly on personal service and reliability.

Business is doing well. The customer base continues to grow, often thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations from existing leaseholders who fully appreciate Gateway’s commitment to service excellence.

“We combine the traditions of personal service and face to face contact, with the latest Qube PM technology supporting us in the background. That’s the ideal balance.”

Tony Dean, Director, Gateway Property Management

Back office support from Qube PM

With staff based at offices in Southend and Cheshire, plus a number of people working remotely, co-ordination and communication is key. Qube PM provides a centralised system, keeping everyone in touch and everything up to date.

Gateway uses Qube PM to help run the financial operations at the heart of property management. Keeping track of ground rents and other periodic payments, apportioning service charges between leaseholders, sending out bills and recording their payment is all done automatically. Thanks to Qube PM, hundreds of invoices can be sent out in just one afternoon.

Qube PM’s Diary system is also used to manage rent reviews, expiry of leases and other key events. For Tony and his team, Qube software provides an overall solution to these many different tasks.

Everyone in the accounts teams relies heavily on Qube PM. Whilst each person has different responsibilities, they all learn from each other about Qube PM and its functions. This is supplemented by regular formal training to ensure they are getting the most out of the system.

“Qube PM was put together by people who really know the property management business and understand exactly what’s involved.”

Tony Dean, Director, Gateway Property Management

Delivering a professional service

With Qube PM supporting the back office job, Tony can put his valuable human resources where they matter: in the front office, looking after Gateway’s ever expanding customer base.

Speaking to customers ‘live’ rather than relying on voice mail messaging is the order of the day. It is perhaps unusual for a company of Gateway’s size to place so much emphasis on personal service – some see it as an old fashioned approach – but Tony Dean sees it differently. Personal service is at the heart of the Gateway philosophy.

With 7,000 units to look after there are inevitably lots of leaseholder enquiries to deal with. This could be checking a service charge payment or reporting something that needs repairing. Qube PM helps here too. All calls are logged in the system and the requisite action is triggered. Workflows are managed and nothing is left to chance or memory. From everyday repairs to major works, the job gets done – on time, with payments made and correctly allocated, all with minimum administrative effort.

But it’s not just about efficiency for the benefit of Gateway. It’s about delivering on Gateway’s promises, in line with its policies, practices and legal obligations, and of course, exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Qube PM – Trusted by real estate people

Tony has been in the property management business for over twenty years and has taken Qube PM everywhere he’s worked. He has ‘grown up with’ Qube PM and watched it evolve, just as his own business has grown.

Tony very much feels part of that evolution and recognises Qube PM’s commitment to real interaction with its customers. Over the years Tony has contributed to development programmes many times and so has seen at first-hand how Qube PM customers really do help to enhance the software – that’s why it works so well for them.

On a more regular basis, Tony also finds Qube PM Customer Support really helpful. As he says, “You know you’ll always get through and you’ll always get a sensible answer.” That’s a real plus for busy people like Tony and his team.

Tony plans to keep himself and his team up to speed with Qube PM as it evolves. He is confident that the solution will continue to meet Gateway’s needs and help them realise his rigorous commitment to customer service.

“Quite simply, Qube PM makes life easier for us. It does its job and that means we can do ours – delivering a great service to our customers.”

Tony Dean, Director, Gateway Property Management

For Qube Global Software staff, working with Tony and his team at Gateway has been an absolute pleasure. “Gateway is a well established, solid and successful company. Qube PM is a powerful tool, and Gateway makes the most if it. It’s a winning combination. ” John Thumwood, MRICS, Qube PM Sales Manager

“We really welcome the input that people like Tony make. When a suggestion from one of our customers is taken up, everybody benefits. ” Stuart Lee, Account Manager, Qube PM Customer Relationship Team.

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