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London Borough of Camden – Qube Planet FM software for local government portfolio

Camden Borough Council installed Planet from Qube Global Software in 2002. Planet helps them manage the 15 buildings they are responsible for across the region, which includes Camden Town Hall and the Crowndale Centre, home to approximately 3000 council employees. Budget cuts and increased accountability requirements prompted John Wheatle (former Facilities Manager), to purchase a system that could store comprehensive expenditure and asset information, and offer detailed and accurate cost control.

Peter Roach, who has taken over John’s role as Facilities Manager in the Client Services division, has welcomed Planet, recognising the many cost efficiencies and historical asset information it provides.

The Move from Manual

The division previously relied on paper files, and the extensive knowledge of their former handyman. With over 30 years’ experience, he knew all of the buildings inside out – details such as where the gas shut-off switch was and where alarm systems were located. However, this information was only stored in his memory, and not logged centrally so if there was a power cut, staff remained in the dark, sometimes literally!

“There is so much more information we can add onto the system which will enable us to provide an even better level of customer service.”

Peter Roach London Borough of Camden

Planet has enabled them to set up a comprehensive asset register, accessible to all other users of the system. Detailed information by building, by floor, even by room, has all been input into Planet, resulting in a single source of building history and information.

Planet’s Help Desk module enables the help desk team to handle up 30 calls every day, which consist of predominantly reactive maintenance calls. Job details are entered onto Planet and orders generated are sent directly to the contractors on the system via fax, making it possible to analyse service level targets and costs.

Commenting on Planet, Peter remarked “There is so much more information we can add onto the system which will enable us to provide an even better level of customer service”. Peter has plans to extend the use of Planet to catering and cleaning services in the future, recognising the value of one central information source.

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