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A complete transformation: Customer opts for alternative software product before choosing Qube SLM and growing user base

A major business with 15 sales and lettings branches initially approached us 15 years ago with a view to using our software.

Although the company was keen on our offering, the IT director at the time had just invested considerable resources into upgrading its existing in-house infrastructure and was on the verge of renewing its contract with their incumbent software supplier. This product was client-server based and required that there were slave servers in each of the offices and a hefty main server at its head office.

In particular, the IT department was resistant to our software as they believed that our cloud-hosted software represented a potential threat with much of the support and technical responsibility taken away from the business.

Qube SLM to the rescue

By this point, the decision looked to have been made. However, out of the blue, we received a call one Monday from the Managing Director of the business asking whether we could implement a roll out urgently as there had been a bit of an issue over the course of the weekend. It turns out that there had been a break in at the company’s head office and a huge proportion of its IT infrastructure had disappeared. Furthermore, the backups and replication across the various servers in the business had not been working correctly and some of the data that was lost was unfortunately unrecoverable.

A solution for some 150 users

We implemented an urgent rollout, with the business opting on for its own hosted cloud environment – which meant its internal IT team still had full involvement. Now some 15 years on, the company continues to use Qube SLM across its whole business. Originally only installed for sales, it is now used for both sales and lettings across 150 users.

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