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Simmons and Sons – Qube SLM

People find their way to Qube SLM via many different routes. But perhaps the lowest risk option is when agents gain a member of staff who is an experienced user, which is exactly what happened with home counties based chain Simmons & Sons. Prior to choosing our software, the company had been using an accounting package that had been written for Solicitors and managed the rest of their lettings business manually. Against a background of continual expansion, the business’ processes were in need of automation. With a young and motivated team who were constantly pushing the boundaries, technological change was required.

When Simmons and Sons acquired the lettings portfolio of the Basingstoke Branch of Lane Fox, it got more than it bargained for: Lane Fox had been using Qube SLM (or Aspasia as it was known then). This meant the team could gain an appreciation of the software – warts and all – from people that had no reason but to tell it like it is. With the endorsement of the Lane Fox users, Simmons committed to Qube SLM.

There are very few instances where technical change does not mean some sort of pain barrier. To move from a manual system to server-based Qube SLM meant an awful lot of data entry but as Wendy Smith, Associate Partner of Simmons & Sons says: “There was no way around that.” Changes going on within the company also meant that a new member of staff was employed to manage the accounting side of the business and her enthusiasm for Qube SLM further verified that this was the right route to take.

The move from manual systems to sophisticated technology such as Qube SLM requires significant training. But Wendy explains: “Everyone seemed to pick it up easily. We do come across areas where we need additional help but the support team at Crowthorne are great and very patient.”

Qube SLM is always pushing the technological boundaries and evolving. Much of the evolutionary process is user defined and the team at we thrive on challenges from companies to develop the technology in the way that the market requires. Simmons & Sons endorse this. “The team at Qube SLM have been very helpful with everything,” says Wendy. “We have made suggestions but in most cases it is something they are already working on but they never fail to come back to us and when we had a request to change something specifically for us, that need was met.”

And even those outside of the business noticed the improvements. “Our independent auditor thinks the system is great and it has certainly made her monthly audits easier,” says Wendy. “Nothing so far has not met our expectations. I only ever get positive feedback from the team.”

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